Dr Precious Dlamini

Lihle Dhlomo has been vocal about the hard times that have hit the acting industry since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. She has talked about wanting to quit the entertainment industry because jobs were not coming in.

However, Durban Gen was her ray of hope when she landed the role of Dr Precious Dlamini during the pandemic. After her exit from the series, fans are yet to see her again on-screen. Where did Lihle Dhlomo disappear to, and what has she been doing after Durban Gen?

Lihle Dhlomo’s character left the medical drama series after falling out with her best friend, Dr Zandile. Their fight was because of Precious’ husband Thabo, as Zandile also wanted him for herself.

When Zandile realized Precious was hellbent on fighting for her marriage, she resolved to fight dirty and tell Thabo of Precious’s secrets. In their fight and blackmail wars, the truth found a way to reach Thabo through Zandile.

Thabo took his wife and brother, the biological father of the son he thought was his and held them hostage. The hostage situation went wrong, and Sbusiso ended up being shot and died on the spot. Among all the confusion and drama, Precious disappeared together with her son.

What projects is Lihle Dhlomo working on?

Even though she has been relatively tight-lipped about the project she is working on, Lihle Dhlomo has dropped hints that she has landed another gig as an actress. On her Instagram post on the third of December, she hints that she wrapped up another feature film. Not much is known on which film it is, but the actress quoted herself as a healer, which fans took as a hint of the role she will be playing.

Before Durban, Gen Lihle Dhlomo was known for her roles in Seriously single, Between Friends: Ithala, HG’s Shadow. She also works on movie sets as part of the production crew. She is a Production Manager and Line Producer from time to time.

Some of her best work has been in a theatre where she has even won an award for the Best Newcomer at the Durban Mercury Theatre Award. She has toured a few schools with the film Nothing but the Truth and performed as a dancer in Wizard of Oz.