Somizi is dating Mohale’s best friend’s ex

Last night Somizi was seen very cosy and kissing a young man called Lindile Mbadu in Ayepyep Lifestyle Lounge at 14 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, according to showbiz commentator Musa Khawula. 

After the two were seen kissing, they lived together in a Cape Town villa worth R55 000 per night. After Somizi and his ex-husband Mohale Motaung filed for a divorce, the presenter and choreographer did not seem to be involved with other partners. This latest development shows he might be exiting the market.

A bit of information about Lindile Mbadu

Lindile is 22 years of age, and he works as a network security engineer specialist somewhere in the Gauteng Province. Lindile was one of the guests during Somizi’s and Mohale’s wedding, which was held exactly one and half years ago.

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Lindile used to be in a romantic relationship with Alan Solomon, Mohale’s best friend, and he was an attendee in Somizi’s and Mohale’s wedding as a plus one for his ex-boyfriend Alan. Now that the couple has filed for a divorce, Lindile is reported to have a relationship with Somizi.

Snaps in the same place

Somizi posted a short video of his breakfast which constituted of a delicious fruit salad and a glass of bubbly, and the breeze was gently echoing in the background as he shot the video.

Lindile posted a complete picture of himself standing right next to the same glass balcony; he captioned that particular photograph with the words, “My location for the next five days.” Somizi commented on the picture with the phrase, “Jehovah,” and Lindile responded by saying, “Yaz uzoshaun,” which means you’ll die, which was the end of the conversation.

The age difference between Somizi and Lindile

Somgaga seems to prefer younger companions. On the 23rd of December 2021, Somizi celebrated a star-studded 50th birthday party in Shaun Mkhize’s home. Andile Mbadu is 22 years of age, meaning Somgaga is 28 years of his new lovers senior.

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Somizi’s age difference with Mohale wasn’t short either. Mohale was 25 years younger than Mr Mhlongo when they were married.

Tweeps are not happy with Somizi’s love interests as they believe he is taking advantage of young and vulnerable people. In an interview with MacG, Somizi told him he targeted him and believed MacG would not refuse to date him as he was broke and vulnerable.


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