The Estate drama series

The cast and crew from The Estate have not received their salaries from the soapie since November according to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela. All of the actors and crew members were promised their respective salaries on the 31st of December of 2021, but the producers did not honour their promise.

Instead, they were given another promise to expect their salaries on the 4th of January 2021. The show producer, Clive Morris, postponed their salaries to the 10th of January 2021 again.

Clive Morris is the owner of Clive Morris Productions with tons of experience working with shows like The Estate, Vutha, Isono, The Docket and many more.

The Estate storyline

The Estate is a show that is drama series that is based on an estate called Echelon Estate. The Estate highlights crime, corruption, infidelity, heritage and one of South Africa’s biggest hot topics, land reparation without compensation.

Scenes from The Estate are shot at various locations, which counts as a lot of transportation fees for the cast and crew. Their storyline is also very complex meaning, and the cast spends ample time reading and memorizing the script.

A page from Generations

The last time a major soapie had a large monetary dispute with its producers was when the show Generations failed to satisfy its workers. It led to a strike; it took so long that it affected production, and there weren’t any more episodes to air.

They were running out of episodes led to Mfundi Vundla firing all the previous actors and changing the soapie from Generations to Generations The Legacy.

The unfairness of the cast and crew having their salaried delayed

Not too long ago, it was the festive season, and there is this narrative that celebrities make a lot of money for appearing on TV screens. Perhaps some cast and crew members couldn’t do anything for their families, and it’s quite unfortunate. Perhaps they had plans they could no longer fulfil and debts they couldn’t pay.