Mpumelelo Mseleku

Mpumelelo Mseleku seems to be managing his two relationships quite well as he took both his girlfriends, Nompumelelo Mnguni and Vuyekazi Nciwani, on a double date.

Despite the two women living in two separate provinces, they managed to meet their boyfriend and have a nice intimate outing along with Mpumelelo’s younger brother and Mpumelelo and Vuyokazi’s daughter Mhlophekazi.

Mpumelelo’s relationships with the two young women

In polygamous relationships, it is highly emphasized that the women live in two separate homes to avoid envy and conflicts. In this particular relationship with Mpumelelo, Vuyokazi and Nompumelelo, it’s the same case. Nompumelelo lives in Durban, and Vuyokazi lives in Cape Town.

Mpumelelo’s intentions for the two women

Mpumelelo has spoken of taking both the young ladies as his wives. He is keen on carrying out his father’s legacy to ensure that the Mseleku clan never perishes. He said he’d use a portion of his inheritance to pay lobola for the two ladies.

His father’s footsteps.

As the son of Musa Mseleku, the entrepreneur and famous polygamist who has four wives, he is on the right path in polygamy as he’s only 20 but already with two women in his life and a child.

The taboo of polygamy

As far as modern-day Christianity is concerned, polygamy is not correct. Seeing that Christianity is a religion followed widely in the African continent, many people prefer monogamous relationships. Only a few are open to the idea of polygamy, although most African cultural groups encourage the practice.

Mpumelelo’s lifestyle

The young man is from a well off family, and he also works and generates some money from himself as an artist manager, artist and footballer. He’s most likely to have a trust fund and the inheritance he intends on dabbing into to afford to pay lobola for both women.

The two girlfriends

The two women know about each other and have agreed to be with the young man simultaneously. The relationship is open and honest, and both ladies are treated like queens in this relationship.