Skeem Saam Tuesday 28 December 2021
Skeem Saam Tuesday 28 December 2021

Skeem Saam: Tuesday, 28 December 2021 – Bontle wants Chef Kgosi fired, Leeto finds love again

Lehasa was awestruck by Peterson visits. Honestly, he didn’t see that coming. Lehasa got the shocker of his life after someone close to him was implicated in Fanie’s murder. Are the walls closing in for Lehasa?

Magongwa threatens Alfio’s. Christmas came to pass, and now things look normal again in the Seakamela household. When will we see the Ntuli’s again? It seems as if they are heading back home after having a blast during the festive holidays.

Bontle Wants Chef Kgosi fired

Bontle wants Chef Kgosi gone as he is costing the Cafe some losses. Kgosi’s woes continue to haunt him, and he fails to make ends meet and balance personal problems and work. Also, Bontle disagrees with Lehasa’s decision in giving Kgosi the managerial post given his track record.

Detective Babeile questions Alfred again

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Detective Babeile gives Alfred hard times with daring questions that he fails to answer and provide detail to. It seems as if the tender scandal is catching upon him, and he doesn’t have a solid plan to clear his name from the mess. Will he go down just like Mikie, or there is a magic trick to save him.

Skeem Saam: Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Leeto and Joy rekindle their romance

Finally, Leeto is having a second shot on love, and that’s the best thing we all have been waiting for. Joy gets a reality check and is shocked when she wakes up in someone arms; who could that be? Can she recall the events leading to the whole cosy moment? It seems as if Joy and Leeto are ready to make things work again, and they are overwhelmed with everything happening around them.

Petersen closes in on Lehasa as he investigates Fanie’s death

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Petersen has his hooks into Lehasa, and he doesn’t like it one bit. The Magongwas are summoned to the police station by a law officer. What could they have done that has led to this arrest?

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