Generations The Legacy Tuesday 28, December 2021

Recap from yesterday on Generations: The Legacy.

Sphe can’t seem to get the attention she needs, right? She can’t seem to catch a break. Things didn’t go as planned between Kabisi and Sphes uncle. Kabisi feels the Celes are not
transparent, and he doesn’t trust them. I can’t help but feel like there is more trouble in the Cele Empire than what we are being told. Only time will tell here.

Mandla has cooked up another skeem, and it involves innocent orphans. Ayanda is starting to see right through him. Where is this going to end up? Ayanda was beginning to warm up to Mandla but his shady ways quickly catch up, and Dali is hard on his tail.

On the next episode

Mbali blows Nontle off. After the Cape town trip, all things change for Nontle and her friends. It seems instead of a great holiday. It turned into a never-ending nightmare. Mbali has been upset with Nontle since she was left out of the trip and betrayed her friends. Melokuhle has also disappeared from her life.

They had that big fight, and Nontle was jealous of Melo and Bongas closeness. Also, Melo felt Nontle was very selfish and ignorant of her problems after she lost her bursary. Mbali is holding a severe grudge for both, though. Now the reasoning behind leaving her was authentic…Mbali is too young and would have cramped their style, but this could have been done differently. Right? So what do you say? Does Nontle deserve the cold shoulder, or it’s not that deep?

Lerumo is not playing. He is taking things to the next level by giving stern caution. The man has no time for people who bring him problems. He wants issues resolved. This saga is fascinating with Lerumo being entangled in the Mandla situation.

Mandla always brings problems, problems that he creates himself. How did Mandla end up like this, though? Anyways, Lerumo is tired. Luyolo comes to a revelation that things never change.

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