Muvhango Tuesday 28 December 2021
Muvhango Tuesday 28 December 2021

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Vhutshilo has been doing the unthinkable for money, and he’s been doing it right under Gugu’s nose. The man has reached a point of no return. So finally, Gugu’s eyes are open, and she finds out just what’s been going on with Vhutshilo. Vhutshilo comes clean about his job but will this spell trouble for Vhutshilo? He will have to come clean about his actions.

Mpho continues on her quest for the baby rescue mission; this has proven to be so intense and emotional for all involved. She has lost her friendship with Imani and could cost Tenda his job and his friendship with James, not to mention that her relationship with her daughter is suffering.

Mpho’s only focus is saving baby Kenosi. No one understands why she is acting like this; she must feel a particular connection to this baby. So when an unexpected bomb is dropped, Tenda is left shocked.

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Rendani gets terrible news, and Gizara is determined to stick around Dukathole due to Tenda’s insults, but Hangwani and Shaz need him to get as far away as possible. Will they be victorious in their quest to try and hide their secret?

What will happen on Muvhango: Tuesday 28 December 2021?  

Vhutshilo gets himself a job at an adult site online and risks being thrown out of the house by Gugu. He feels he need the money so that he won’t be depending on his girlfriend. His parents won’t let him come back home after he chose to date Gugu. Not only is he disrespecting Gugu’s house but he is cheating on her too. Will Gugu see this as a deal-breaker and throw Vhutshilo out? Has he gone too far this time around?

Rendanis sets out to help Hangwani, and Shaz might get herself in deep waters. She sets her plan of revenge in motion. Mpho’s backstabbing has worked, and Kenosi is gone, but Imani is very sad about this. She had grown close to that baby. Will the truth about the baby finally come out? Can Mpho fix all the relationships in the process of trying to play baby rescuer?

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