Wendy Gumede ‘Rachel’ from Scandal

The actress Wendy Gumede showed up on our screens simultaneously as the Kubeka family played Rachel’s character on the eTv Soapie Scandal.

On the most recent Scandal episode, Rachel was begging the last born son of the Kubeka Family Zenzele, nicknamed Zen, to spare her life. Could this be her way of leaving Scandal for good?

Rachel’s character on Scandal

Rachel plays a young employee in the Uthuli Waste company on the soapy; the character is also the mistress of the Owner and CEO of the company she works for, Vukani Kubeka, also known as Vuks. Rachel and Vuks have a secret relationship discovered by Kubeka’s youngest son Zenzele. Zenzele did not spill the beans to his mother Nomvula, who’s married to Vuk’s; instead, he blackmailed Rachel by doing her work for his illegal copper trading side hustle.

When Zenzele blackmailed his father about telling Nomvula the news, Vuks confessed his infidelity to his wife to eliminate Zen’s leverage over him. After Vuks confessed, Rachel was dumped and told to resign. Unfortunately, Rachel refuses to leave because she’s fallen in love with Vuks. The CEO tried persuading her, but it didn’t work; instead, she threatened to reveal the Kubeka family’s biggest secret that could lend Zen in serious hot water.

Coming up on Scandal

Zen is hell-bent on never getting himself into trouble, this qualifies with getting in trouble with his family and getting in trouble with the law, and he’ll stop at nothing to protect himself; he’s proven to do so by drugging his uncle to escape the villages.

Zen took Rachel to open bushveld before telling the family secret to a journalist and pointed Rachel with a gun with a single bullet calling it Russian Roulette. She could speak and send him to prison; the Kubeka family would also receive bad publicity. If he kills Rachel, then his secret would be safe forever. The question is, how far is Zenzele willing to go to save his skin?