Andile Mpisane buys himself a R5 million Porsche to celebrate Christmas
Andile Mpisane buys himself a R5 million Porsche to celebrate Christmas

Andile Mpisane keeps buying expensive cars, and it doesn’t look like he will stop anytime soon. The Royal AM Football Club chairman bought himself a brand new Porsche GT2RS.

He posted an Instagram video of himself looking at the car and sitting on the driver’s seat, asking, “Ungangenzelani? Ungangiphani?” The questions mean, ‘ What could you possibly do for me? What could you possibly give me? ‘

Andile’s car purchases this year

Let us not forget that he grew up in a wealthy family and that he had his first luxury car when he was at the age of 16 and not just any luxury car. Andile got the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon for his 16th birthday from his property mogul mother, Shauwn Mkhize. Yes, it’s the same car top media personality Bonang Matheba is driving today.

In December 2021 alone, Andile bought himself three luxury cars. He first bought himself a Mercedes Maybach, worth over R1 000 000. When everyone was shocked at how he casually purchased the vehicle, the footballer purchased a Lamborghini Urus, valued at R3 250 000.

After he wedded the model and socialite Tamia Louw, he bought her a Range Rover as a wedding gift and not too far from that, Andile bought himself a white Porsche GT2RS. How much money does he have?

Andile Mpisane’s cars

Both Andile and his mother own their separate fleets of cars kept at a 60 car showroom in their LaLucia mansion. Andile, in addition to the vehicles already mentioned, also has expensive vehicles; BMW, Volkswagen, Bentley and Mercedes.

Wealthy lifestyle

Andile embraces the wealth of his family, from the car he drives right down to the clothes he wears and how he celebrates. When he showed off his new Ferrari, Andile was dressed in Gucci clothes, and that’s something pretty ordinary for him. When he went to Party in Tanzania with his wife after their wedding, he bought numerous champagne bottles to celebrate his new union and even poured one into the other champagne bottles.

Check out the video below: