Menzi ‘Muzi Mthabela
Menzi ‘Muzi Mthabela

No doubt he has been making all sorts of headlines of late with his unmatched talent. Playing the character of Menzi, Muzi Mthabela has fast become one of Imbewu: The Seed finest.

He has since been linked to Generations in recent years, and it seems as if he has since joined the second most-watched drama series as Sphe’s Uncle. He stars as a celebrated business mogul with business interests in waste management and recycling on Generations: The Legacy.

Undoubtedly, his character on Generations is the complete opposite of Imbewu: The Seed. Currently, on Imbewu, he plays a manipulative character and is trying to stir controversy between Nirupa, MaZulu and MaKhosazana.

In previous episodes, we have seen MaKhosazana hatching a plan for the downfall of Menzi, who took everything from her in the name of love and later dumped her for Nirupa. Having told MaZulu about the character of Menzi, they went to confront him, but he had already managed to sideline Nirupa and take her to his side.

Now it’s a battle of minds as Menzi won’t go down without a fight. He will let his thugs thrash Nirupa’s car he got her as a gift and pin it on MaKhosazana.

Menzi ‘Muzi Mthabela’ set for Imbewu: The Seed exit

However, in the mix of things, Shria will confront her mother over taking Menzi’s side without thinking twice.

We have all been connecting the dots and wondering how would Menzi leave Imbewu: The Seed, right. The seasoned actor who has already joined Generations is already wrapping up his exit scenes on Imbewu and will bow out in epic style in the hands of the cunning and ruthless MaKhosazana.

Spoiler alert Menzi exit is slated for 27 December and will come as one of the major highlights of 2021. After learning of Menzi’s absence from Nirupa, MaZulu confronts MaKhosazana to lead her where she is holding Menzi hostage.

But it seems as if it was relatively too late, and nothing could be done for him to save. He was frail and torched for dead, and it seems as if his days were number already, and MaZulu was enjoying the last straw of it in every moment. He finally dies from the pains and injuries inflicted on him by MaKhosazana.