Andile Mpisane
Andile Mpisane

Andile Mpisane’s message to Tamia

After Andile Mpisane married the influencer and socialite Tamia Louw whom we now know as Tamia Mpisane, he posted a series of pictures of his wife, two shots of his wife’s wedding outfit changes, his wife’s wedding ring and another view of their wedding’s scenery. He penned a beautiful caption dedicated to Tamia Mpisane. In the caption, he called Tamia a God sent, a great woman with similar life goals. Andile assured Tamia that their marriage was for eternity, and he’s the apple of his eye. The royal AM chairman also called Tamia ‘ Mkami’, a Zulu word meaning my wife. He said he looks forward to a prosperous future with her.

Tamia Mpisane’s message to Andile

Tamia also penned an emotional, heartfelt message to her new husband. She thanked Andile for loving her boldly, meaning that Andile loved her so strongly that he decided to commit to her. She also thanked Andile for loving her loudly, saying she thanked her husband for asking his wife and the world about it and introducing her to his family. Tamia thanked Andile for his love and expressed how she looked forward to a long, fruitful eternal marriage with him.

Andile and Tamia’s marriage was controversial, but they seemed very much in love with one another. Today, Andile’s mother, Shauwn Mkhize, penned a lengthy statement addressing the drama and speculations going around about her family. On it, she expressed her gratitude for her daughter-in-law. Judging by the pictures of Tamia and MamKhize together at the wedding, Andile’s family seems to be rejoicing with the newlyweds.

Tamia and Andile went to party it up in Tanzania after their wedding, but we are uncertain if that is the young couple’s honeymoon. The couple is very unapologetic as it left the country split over how their union could be affecting the mother of Andile’s two children. Today, people are still shaken, and the couple isn’t entertaining people’s feelings. Sithelo hasn’t commented or shown activity on social media since the wedding.