Kwezi Ndlovu

Fans of Umkhokha have been left emotional after the teary season one finale of the show. The drama series that has managed to keep its fans hooked to their TV screens every Sunday evening did not disappoint on its final episode of the first season.

Despite the prayers and hopes of the fans, Nobuntu lost her life to the poison she drank. Actress Kwezi Ndlovu pens down an emotional farewell message to her fans’ fellow cast members and the production team following her exit from the show.

Kwezi Ndlovu has taken to Instagram to say how grateful she is to have played the role of Nobuntu. She thanked her fans for engaging with her through social media with questions regarding her character.

This showed how invested they were in her craft. She praised the director of the series Sibongile Mkhize for being patient with her. He is said to have helped her with ideas on how best she can portray her character.

Last but not least, the actress reminded everyone that it’s Nobuntu, who has died and not Kwezi Ndlovu, the actress. . With many fans spreading rumours that certain actors have died when only the characters they portray on TV would have dies, it’s understandable that Kwezi would make that point.

Kwezi Ndlovu exits Umkhokha after Nobuntu dies

Fans of Umkhokha, colleagues and other celebrities who enjoyed the show applauded the actress for her talent. Some wished to see more of her on-screen in future projects. The episode drew many people, including those who watched to tears as it was an emotional one.

After Nobuntu was pronounced dead, she had to be lashed to avoid Umkhokha, and it took a lot of convincing for Khulekani as a detective to understand.

Difa, a grieving father, found himself having to do the most challenging thing that any father can find himself having to do, lashing his daughter’s corpse. Many viewers of the show applauded the show for helping teach the young generations about culture when it comes to suicides.

However, as most people say, grief can bring people together, and we saw that when Zodwa was comforting Difa.