Mamzobe from Umkhokha

The villainous Mamzobe is married to Phakhatwayo in the series. Despite being in the entertainment industry for a long time, Mzansi Magic’s Umkhokha brought these two actors career-changing opportunities. Did you know that Mamzobe from Umkhokha is older than Phakhatwayo in real life?

Deli Malinga brings to life the character of Mamzobe. She is a woman who is set on having her husband lead their church, and she will go as far as killing people to get that. In her household, she is the one that calls the shots and fakes submission to her husband.

Despite being in the industry for 32 years now, the seasoned actress has never had a lead role before. She was popularly known for Sarah Ngcobo, who was Khaphela’s wife in Generations-The Legacy.

She has been in former etv’s Rhythm City as Suffocate’s traditional aunt who advised him to marry another wife. Her CV is heavy with sitcoms and soapies that she has featured in like Mponeng, Home Affairs, Gaz’lam, Jacob’s Cross and many others. Besides being an actress, she is also a motivational speaker and a voice-over artist.

Deli Malinga is older than Sibonile Ngubane in real life

Sibonile Ngubane, who plays Phakhatwayo, is more experienced in theatre and stage plays. The actor has been in the industry since 1993; however, his first television role was in 2017.

Isibaya gave him his big TV break. After that, he was cast in Uzalo, playing a vengeful character. He had viewers falling in love with his craft with these two roles and wanting to see more of him on-screen.

In Umkhokha, he plays the role of a second in command of Ithempeli LeNkosi. He is a family man with three daughters and an evil wife. He knows that his wife, Mamzobe wants him to lead their church, but he is blind to the lengths she will go to earn him that spot. His daughters love and look up to him.

Mamzobe from Umkhokha is older than Phakhatwayo, despite taking on someone younger than he is. Deli Malinga was born in 1965, which makes her 56years old. Sibonile Ngubane, who plays Phakhatwayo, is 49 years old.