Jub Jub
Jub Jub

Ever since Amanda du-Pont’s Instagram video detailed facing different types of abuse for two years during her romantic relationship with the rapper, Jub Jub has been quiet; his mother is the only one who has spoken in his defence.

Today he wrote a letter apologizing to Amanda and published it on his Twitter account. This apology came after Jub Jub reportedly filed a lawsuit against all four of his sexual abuse accusers for defamation of character.

Jub Jub’s apology to Amanda

In the letter, he states that he watched his interview with MacG and acknowledges he could’ve used a better choice of words when speaking about what transpired during their relationship. Jub Jub also admits that he didn’t have to talk about their intimate experiences. The hip hop star and presenter vaguely touched on the rape accusations and asked that the media shows sensitivity until the law has taken its course.

Apology to his accusers?

Jub Jub only apologized to Amanda du-Pond and not the other two women who say he raped them. The apology was strictly about detailing his sex life with Amanda du-Pond and saying he smashed her. There isn’t a single mention of his other alleged victims.

The legal perspective of the apology

Remember that Jub Jub is not admiring anything he’s being accused of. This apology only highlights his offence to Amanda du-Pont prompted by his choice of words during his Podcast and Chill interview. Not mentioning any of the other women or ever abusing Amanda du-Pond means he denies allegations. This letter can be used as evidence in court to show that he’s apologetic and remorseful. Should there be a legal case, the apology can work in his favour.

The letter is concise and impactful; however, Twitter users are divided. Some ask that the star be treated as an innocent man until he has been proven guilty, and some Twitter users accuse him of trying to save his skin.