Israel Matseke Zulu dead or alive
Israel Matseke Zulu

Social media flooded with posts suggesting that actor Israel Matseke Zulu who played the role of Don Buthelezi on Gomora, is dead. Israel Matseke left the Gomora set through death; he died in the hands of her loved one and baby mama Zodwa (Sannah Mchunu).

Don’s death brought relief to his oppressors, but the news hit differently to his daughter Sbongile who went rampant and uncontrollable while grieving for her father.

It is alleged that Don got fired from the Gomora cast, but the actor’s camp refuted the allegations to reveal that Israel left on medical grounds. In a statement about his Gomora exit, Israel Matseke Zulu confirmed that he was diagnosed with a disease that severely affected the functioning of his legs, making it difficult to work during filming and left him “semi–crippled”.

Despite taking a leave from Gomora scenes, Israel continues to work on Gomora behind the scenes; he resumes his previous job as a shooting scenes scout.

Addressing Israel Matseke Zulu death rumours, his manager came out in a video and rubbish reports making rounds concerning the death of Israel Matseke Zulu. In the video, he revealed that Don is alive and recovering well; he managed to film Don as proof that he is well.

Gomora fans already missing Don

Despite an early exit from Gomora and some fans were claiming that his role has been dull, ever since his departure, a legion of fans called for his return in a more severe gangster role.

Imagine with so much talent at your disposal, and you decided to give him a kak storyline, return Don with a more serious thuggish role. 

Look at Don Buthelezi is a hardcore criminal in all his acting career, but in Gomora, he’s made to look like a popaye character; what a waste Gomora is like watching a comedian soapie like Diepcity. All these soapies will never match The River and The Wife’s powerful storylines.