Where did Generations actress Sharon ‘Kagiso Rakosa’ disappear to?

Despite being one of the most searched actresses in Mzansi in recent years, Mzansi has failed to connect the dots regarding the whereabouts of Kagiso Rakosa. The celebrated star actress is best known for her on-screen character on Generations as Sharon. She has the plug and was that actress we all love to hate, but it seems as if she disappeared in thin air.

With a booming career, she was poised as the next goddess of small screens as she wowed Mzansi with her on-screen character. But in the wake of her newfound fame, she went awol on our small screens.

However, rumour has it that she was forced out from Generations after being rumoured to be in a relationship with the late Shona Ferguson. The rumour mill has it that there was our baby implicated in the love triangle to make matters worse.

Generations actress Sharon ‘Kagiso Rakosa’ (Source Instagram)

After her controversial exit, she bagged a few gigs before disappearing. In the backdrop of her exit, she was cast in Traffic, an eKasi drama series. She played the character of  Andiswa Mlaba, the sister of Detective Lungi Mlaba (played by Bonnie Mbuli) in 2014.

Where is Generations actress Sharon ‘Kagiso Rakosa’?

Sources have it that Connie Ferguson influenced the cancellation of Kagiso Rakosa after being rumoured to be in an affair with late Shona Ferguson. Her alleged affair with Shona hogged headlines in 2010, and a few months later, she saw herself becoming popular on small screens, and fans have pinpointed Connie as the reason behind her fall. However, she hasn’t been featured in any drama series since then.

Generations actress Sharon ‘Kagiso Rakosa’ (Source Instagram)

The Fergusons Films have the power to influence other fellow showrunners as they tend to rub the shoulders together. Several actors who have had a fallout with the Fergusons have had difficulties securing gigs, and Rami Chiume and Lauw are some seasoned actresses. The latter have blamed the Fergusons for their cancellation.

It’s now yes, and little has been heard about Kagiso, and Mzansi is more than worried. No one knows what she is up to. Her social media haven’t been active for years despite commanding a considerable following, and those close to her haven’t weighed into the matter of her whereabouts. Maybe the actress keeps her private life under wraps and focuses on her side hustles to keep afloat away from the media spotlight.