Dineo Ranaka has been trending for the whole week on social media. This happened because if several reasons are known to us already. It seems like she will continue to trend throughout the weekend as well. A new complaint has risen from watching the Ranaka’s.

The Ranaka’s is a reality show focusing on Dineo’s family life. The show aired its first episode of season five on Mzansi Magic on 6 January 2022.

The reality show is very entertaining as it shows us the famous family hours through some good or harmful situations. Dineo’s sister is the Generations The Legacy actor Manaka Ranaka plays the very loud Lucy Diale on the show. She is quite a hard worker. Dineo had her reality show called Dineo’s Diaries as well. That show ran for five seasons.

Dineo Ranaka @Instagram

Dineo is gathering negative attention from her fans of the Ranaka’s because she told her mother to “shut up” in one incident yesterday. That didn’t sit well with many viewers, as she is now called out disrespectful to her elders.

Some were calling her out and saying she was supposed to be calmer now that she had accepted her calling, but judging from all the incidents that have recently appeared, it seems that she is in more turmoil than ever.

Dineo Ranaka. Image Credit – Instagram

The saying ” reality shows are not real”? Sometimes these reality shows are scripted for dramatic effect. Is it possible that this is what happened? They have so many viewers because there is drama and hard lessons to be learnt. Imagine a reality show without drama.

Dineo is a content creator, and she does that very well. She trended for that unfortunate video where she told off her boyfriend and then did not pay for services rendered. A lot is happening around her. Maybe 2022 is still too young to decide she must be cancelled.