Nandipha Khubone
Nandipha Khubone

Well Paid: Gomora actress Sibongile ‘Nandipha Khubone’s salary revealed

Actress Nandipha Khubone plays the role of Sibongile on Gomora; her salary on the Mzansi Magic telenovela has been revealed.

The 21-year-old actress hails from KwaZulu Natal and is currently studying in the United States of America towards a Degree in Film Making at the New York Film Academy. On her return to South Africa for holidays, she bagged the role on Gomora and is currently studying online.

Inspired by fellow South African Thuso Mbedu, who made a name for herself in the international arena Nandipa Khubone revealed that she is using the Gomora experience to step into Hollywood roles.

“I am grateful to Seriti Films for availing me the platform to shine, learn from industrial legends and enjoy every moment. After this role, I will never look back; I want to use it as a stepping stone to explore Hollywood,” she said.

On Gomora, Sibongile is the daughter of Don and a wealthy woman; her life turned south when her rich mother died, and she lost everything to maternal relatives. She arrives in Gomora at Zodwa’s house (her stepmother) with an attitude which she quickly changed after being called out. As much as she has blended in with Zodwa’s family, Sibongile has undoubtedly love and affection towards her father.

Introduced on Gomora to accompany Don back to Zodwa’s life, the Sibongile character grew over the storyline and earns Nandipha Khubone R28 000 per month.

Will Sibongile leave Gomora after Don’s death?

Speculation about the continuity of Sibongile role on Gomora has been raised after Israel Matseke Zulu’s departure. The actor played Don, Sibongile’s father, his sudden exit on Gomora was a result of a health condition hence he asked to be written off the storyline. Will Sibongile continue to live with Zodwa after learning that she pulled the trigger and killed her father? With Don’s death, indeed Sibongile character is exiting Gomora.