Unathi Nkayi
Unathi Nkayi

Sometimes when it rains for our beloved celebrities, it pours. Unathi, dropped as Awards host by GQ South Africa, is a testimony to that fact.  Kaya 959 fired the TV host from her job two days ago.

GQ South Africa has taken to Instagram to announce that Unathi will not be joining them at their event. The narrative they have given is that her absence is due to unforeseen circumstances. QQ SA goes on to say that they hope to work with her in the future. They posted her picture on Instagram along with the caption:

It is with regret that singer-songwriter, businesswoman, entertainer and reality show judge @unathi.co will no longer be joining us for our event due to unforeseen circumstances. We look forward to working with Unathi in the future.

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However, with all the drama surrounding her dismissal at Kaya 959, fans can not help but wonder if the events caused this decision by GQ South Africa. Unathi, who was dismissed from her job as host of Midday Joy this week due to false GBV allegations, had some fans calling for her to be cancelled.

Possible reason why Unathi Nkayi got dropped as Awards host

Many social media users, especially on Twitter, have been saying Unathi Nkayi has to be cancelled. The reason that the consequences would have been dire had what she did been done by a man. Given that the awards hosted by GQ are called Man of the Year awards, it would have been awkward for Unathi to be the host with the Kaya 959 scandal.

Unathi was fired from Kaya 959 after accusing her co-worker Sizwe Dlomo of insulting her and being aggressive. The mic in the room where the confrontation had happened recorded everything, and Unathi’s lie was exposed. That led to her firing. Sizwe later addressed the issue and claimed he had no bad blood with Unathi. However, many people were already calling for organisations to cancel her.