Bongo Khoza, the 30-year-old lead actor who plays the infamous Mqhele from The Wife on Showmax, shared a video on his Tik Tok account with the handle.

On the video make members of The Wife series did a creative video with the song Icon Living by American rapper, actor and entrepreneur Jaden Smith.

When the lyrics say, “What you call an icon living, start a record label misfits just did it,” the men are outdoors with the skyline in the background, they put their shoes over the camera to conceal their transition, the song goes on, and they’re in a beautifully decorated house in their attires similar to those they act with.

This video is one of the famous TikTok instant glow up videos, but they made their clean up look subtle by not dazzling followers with suits and other stylish regalia. Stars featured in the video include; the lead actor Bongo Khoza who plays Mqhele, Kwenzo Ngcobo, who plays Qhawe, Thulane Shabge, who plays Shenge and more.

The lead actor’s Tik Tok

Before the blowing up of The Wife, Bongo had never had a lead acting role unless it was on commercials. He was shocked at his TikTok suddenly getting over 14 000+ fans on TikTok, and he shared a video to thank people for that record-breaking growth.

Facts about Bongo

Surprisingly enough, the actor was not born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, and he was raised born and raised in the city of Johannesburg. He’s managed to channel his IsiZulu accent well to sound like a man who descends from KZN, and he perfected it; hence his character is a hit.

Videos reception from the ladies.

Well, Zulu men have a lot of perceptions about them. People assume every Zulu man is violent, stubborn, and a polygamist and those are just perceptions. Zulu men, however, are famous for knowing how to calm and serenade the woman; how Mqhele got Hlomu on The Wife is a clear example.

Ladies were happy in the comment section, pointing out their favourites from the video.

Watch The Wife cast on TikTok below.