In the entertainment industry, it’s not surprising for actors to play characters that are either younger or older than them. With their talent and experience, the performers can make fans believe they are of a certain age.

Muvhango and its star-studded cast are no exception, as, over the years, they have had fans believing some actors are either older or younger than they are. Muvhango actress Shudufhadzo Mathagwa’s age has got tongues wagging in Mzansi.

Shudufhadzo joined the renowned cast of Muvhango in July 2021 when she was introduced as Mpho’s sister. Mzansi got hooked on this young actress’ effortless and natural beauty.

Shudufadzo has no acting experience, and neither does she have any qualifications for it, but she took on the role like a natural.

Shudufhadzo Mathagwa-Image Source(Instagram)

From the onset of her character’s debut onscreen, Ndiwavho had always been close to Mpho. After a few fights and teenage tantrums, she discovered that the woman she had believed all her life to be her sister was her mother. Ndiwavho then moved to Joburg from Venda to stay with Mpho and her husband, Tenda.

Shudufhadzo Mathagwa, who plays Ndiwavho, is younger than she looks.

Ndiwavho and Mpho in Muvhango-Image Source(Instagram)

While Ndiwavho was still recovering from the shock of finding out the truth about her biological parents, she became the victim of a catfisher. After flirting with a guy online, she thought to meet him, and the guy was an older man who was later revealed as her father. As if the adults had not done enough trauma on the poor girl, she also went through racism from her teacher at school.

With the way she is slaying her role, viewers have wondered if she is just a pretty face who does not show signs of ageing. It turns out that Shudufhadzo is still in High School and is a 17year old like the role that she plays on Muvhango.

Some fans have received the news with shock as they assumed that she was at least of legal drinking age. However, on her Instagram post, Shudufhadzo posted a picture sharing a look into her birthday celebrations last year, and she is still a teenager.