Shudufhadzo Musida Miss World
Shudufhadzo Musida

The Miss World 2021 beauty pageant has been running for several weeks now. This year’s pageant is being held in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has 97 entrants. South Africa’s Miss SA 2020, Shudufhadzo Musida, participates in the pageant on behalf of South Africa.

Shudufhadzo Musida wins big at the Miss World Competition and takes to Instagram to celebrate with her fans.

In an Instagram post with a video attached, Shudufhadzo shared with her fans the news that she had won the beauty with a purpose award together with five other beauty queens. This event that happened during the Miss World pageant was established in 1972.

The award is meant to award contestants with the most significant charity project in their country. The winner makes the quarter-finals of the major event automatically.

Shudu’s Beauty with a purpose project is her Mindful Monday show which she hosts on her Instagram and Facebook to raise awareness on mental health and her children’s book, Shudu finds her magic.

Being someone who has been bullied as a child, Shudufhadzo used her book to help children who are bullied overcome it. Her Mindful Monday project set out to remove the stigma attached to mental illnesses in African countries. She has indeed left her mark in the world.

Shudufhadzo Musida wins the Beauty with a purpose award

The South African beauty queen, in her post, emphasised that without the support of everyone who has stood by her, none of the two projects would have been a success. She goes on to promise her fans that the journey will continue. Her Mindful Mondays will be a safe space for people to share their stories and journeys.

Miss World is the longest-running beauty pageant at an International level. Eric Morley created it in 1951 in the United Kingdom and ran it till his death in 2000. He was succeeded by his wife Julia Morley, the current standing president of the big four beauty pageants in the world.