It seems as if Khanyi Mbau might be our youngest celebrity grandmother after all. Like her mother, Khanukani is making all sorts of headlines of late after she was rumoured to be pregnant. The rumours came in the backdrop of a viral video that has flooded social media.

Lasizwe shared a series of videos of a family photoshoot, and Mzansi quickly noticed Khanyi Mbau’s daughter alleged baby bump. She was even seen trying to cover it up during the shoot, but it seems as if many had already noticed it.

In the mix of things, she hasn’t responded to the daring rumours, yet even her mother is yet to weigh into the matter.

However, Mzansi social media users have been connecting the dots. Despite being active on social media, it seems as if Khanukani hasn’t been posting of late.

To be precise, she hasn’t been posting any recent pictures of her on social media, leaving Mzansi to conclude that she is indeed pregnant. The viral video has left Mzansi divided. Mzansi weighed into the matter with its two cents.

She joins a host of celebrity daughters whose baby bumps saw their mothers trending if she is indeed pregnant.

Is Khanyi Mbau’s daughter Khanukani pregnant?

Ranaka Manaka hogged the headlines when her daughter’s pregnant pictures went viral. However, we can all agree that Mbau is used to drama and quickly responds to the allegations. A few days ago, she made all sorts of headlines after revealing that she was joining The Wife as Zandile.

Well, her on-screen gig has seen The Wife showrunners being lashed out for bringing her in. Who knows, she might nail her character that we can all think of. She has starred in several films with her illustrious career spanning decades, including She is the King, Frank, and Fearless, Hear Me Move and Red Room.However, her Lost Service gig thrust her into the limelight regarding acting.

This year, the drama Queen hogged headlines when she dumped Zimbabwean boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga in Dubai after a brawl. Mzansi was shocked when it was reported that Mbau was reported missing in Dubai and nowhere to be found. In the mix of things, she later revealed that she was sound and safe in Mzansi and had sneaked out of Dubai without notifying anyone.

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