Tshepang Mohlomi

Tshepang Mohlomi plays the role of Khathide Maphumulo on Uzalo, SABC 1 soap opera. Tshepang debuted on television at a tender age; the SAFTA Award winner made waves when he played the role of Chili Bite on Izulu lami.

Khathide role on Uzalo

Tshepang Mohlomi debuted on Uzalo as a prisoner, Khathide Maphumulo, serving his time for selling and distributing drugs. A familiar face, whose family is known by MaMlambo, the pair exchanged a few words before being interrupted by Detective Mondli, a moment that out sympathy created a bond between the two. On his release from prison, Khathide depended on MaMlambo on essentials and holy water; he abused and returned to the crime life.

Khathide’s distribution of the dangerous and widespread Red Pill in KwaMashu, caused havoc, commotion among youths and got Detective Mondli worried. Though the police embarked on a rampant operation to stop the Red Pill, they failed to nail Khathide, the perpetrator. Distributing drugs from MaMlambo’s house endangered and incriminated her under duress.

MaMlambo turns to Nkunzi for help in desperate times, but her plea falls on deaf ears; hence she resorted to taking it personal and consulted with Khathide’s elder brother, Mastermind Maphumulo. The arrival of Mastermind brought relief to stranded MaMlambo, who had become a captive in her own house.


Tshepang Mohlomi – Khathide a Lecturer in real life

The 27 years old actor won the Academy Award for Best Child Actor in 2012 and Best Supporting Actor at the South African Film and Television Awards 2011 edition.

His life and rise in the film industry give hope to millions of hopeless youths; he was orphaned at a young age and fended for his younger brother through acting and music.

Tshepang is a trainer and lecturer of acting classes in real life; he conducts private training lessons and recently collaborated with a reputable Durban based Training Institute in a lecturer role.