Mamarumo Marokane ‘Vuvu’ from Scandal

Scandal fans were left begging for more when the new year’s eve episode aired on etv. Even though Nhlamulo’s marriage is under severe attack, fans were happy to see that his baby mama is back.

Vuvu’s only goal is to find love in a man who loves both her and her kids’ world has come crumbling down as she finds herself crying on her ex’s shoulder. Let’s get to know Mamarumo Marokane, who plays Vuvu on Scandal in real life.

Mamarumo is not a new face in the acting industry. She has gained popularity and prominence with the craft she shows with her role on Netflix’s hit series Shadow. She gets to work with famous actors in the entertainment industry like Amanda Du-Pont and Tumie Ngumla.

Mamarumo rose to fame back in the day when she played the role of Shirley on Grit. The actress, by this time, was already a household name. Viewers have watched the actress grow from being a child to a woman on our screens. She also landed herself a role in Mzansi Magic’s Love Lerato Thando and in the series Magenge.

The young actress is the star of the nightly mini-series MTV Shuga playing Dineo. She has joined several celebrities who are highlighting the problems of the Coronavirus pandemic through storytelling and acting. She joined the series in April 2020 and has been holding the role.

More on Mamarumo Marokane’s acting career

In March 2020, Marumo Marokane made it to the Cosmopolitan cover with three other young actresses that Pearl Thusi dubbed to be the next big thing. The actress was joined by the likes of Shonisani Masutha, Ama Qamata and Kuhle Adams.

In Scandal, Mamarumo takes on the role of Nhlamulo’s ex, who is also his baby mama. At first, she enjoyed the benefits that came along with having kids with a fraudster who never ran out of money. However, the funds started running low when Nhlamulo began getting his life on track and leaving his criminal life. Despite the cash challenges, the two parents began behaving civilly and even spent New Year’s eve together as a family.