Skeem Saam 6 January 2022

Last Episode on Skeem Saam

Khwezikazi was left to fend for herself after Lehasa’s shocking arrest. She tries to cover all the cracks on the walls at once, but there are too many. One of those cracks is Lehasa’s unborn child with Pretty Seakamela. She tries to cover up that crack, and we will wait to see her reaction when she uncovers the absolute truth.

Sonti denied Alfred’s request and messed up all his plans about Alfios and the kiosk as we all know that all is not well with that situation.

Kwaito finds Melita and John in a strange flirtatious situation. Melita better is careful Meikis husband is off-limits. She could end up taking a bullet for that, ask Kwaito himself.

Kwaito walks in on what might appear to be a flirtatious moment between two unlikely people.

What’s coming up next in Skeem Saam Thursday 6 January 2022

In the next episode, we find that an enemy of Maserumules makes a return to Cafe Rovuwa. The question is, which one? Fanie has made so many enemies during his short life. Who could it be?

The big sign of Turfloop has been vandalised. No one knows who did it. It’s a bizarre thing to happen. What does it mean? What message is being sent and to whom? Everyone is talking about it and with good reason.

Khwezikazi is stirred by the urgency of formalities regarding her lover’s potential baby.

Magongwa is running on reserve these days. Alfred had had to accept his fate. That he has no choice but to work with Alfios, now that Sonti completely ditched him.

Magongwa has to swallow some bitter pills, not consuming them well.