Thursday Episode: Muvhango 6 January 2022 – The drama never stops on Muvhango

Previously on Muvhango Wednesday 5 January 2022

Tenda had brought himself so much trouble. His actions have come back to torment him. Tenda has committed so many crimes. We can now add kidnapping to that, as you all know by now.

Vhutshilo has caused trouble at his parent’s anniversary, this after Gugu had cheated on him with his father, Bafuwi Azwindini. He is devastated and will make his father pay.

Gizara realized how hard running the restaurant was. He ate humble pie and apologized to Hangwani.
The Tshireletso and Rendi debacle had taken a turn after T-shirt heard about his mother’s death, and Rendi grew conscious and cut him loose, but then T-shirt injects himself with the poison. Anyways what he tells the police is not what Rendani was expecting. At all.

After the love triangle is revealed, Azwindini is forced to decide who he wants to end up with between Susan and Gugu. Haven’t we been here before with Bafuwi, though? Huh?

James is shocked by what his mother, Moipone, tells him.

Thursday Episode: Muvhango 6 January 2022. 

Let’s see what’s coming up on the next episode: Thursday 6 January 2022

Bafuwi has made his choice between the two beautiful women. Is it Susan? Or is it Gugu? Susan is very strong to go through this again with Azwindini. He has been at it. We all know that. He has introduced so many women into the marriage, and the last one nearly cost him, Susan, remember? When did he suffer that stroke in bed? Then Susan had to be the one helping him. As I said, she is strong.Anyways let’s wait to see which one comes out tops this time. 

Mulalo is in Zanzibar, and Vho-Mukodeleli is very shocked to receive a phone call about him. He will give Kondi a heart attack.

Tenda is getting ready for his bail hearing. Tenda must stay behind bars; he is dangerous.

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