Cornet Mamabolo
Cornet Mamabolo

Cornet Mammabolo is one of the most talented actors to grace our screens. He made his debut in acting not so long ago, but one can think he has been in the industry for decades thanks to his unmatched acting skills. Cornet is famous for his role on Skeem Saam as  Thabo T-boss Maputhla.

After portraying his role for nine years, Cornet Mammabolo broke the internet when he posted on his social media handles that he was living the show, Skeem Saam. Fans were so heartbroken, for they had fallen deeply in love with the actor.

Some even commented that they would stop watching the show if Thabo were to leave the show. The directors of Skeem Samm do not yet confirm whether the talented actor is leaving or they are just rumours.

The young ghetto boy is one of those multi-talented actors and has achieved a lot in real life. Besides being an award-winning actor, Thabo is a graduate in real life. He holds a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts, which he obtained from the Univesity of Witwatersrand.

Did you know Cornet Mamabolo is a farmer in real life?

Unlike other young celebrities, Cornet is investing. He is the founder and CEO of an insurance company named Digni financial services that offer funeral policies, employee benefits and underwriting. Thabo is also running successful skills and development company in agriculture called STECOR Farming, and he already has more than ten employers working under him.

Well, it looks like Cornet’s hard work has been paying him off as he has made a lot of fortune from all his sources of income. He is a man of many talents, and everything he touches turns into gold. The young man is a prominent actor, artist, writer, entrepreneur and farmer. Cornet Mamabolo has a net worth of R3 million from his career, businesses and farming.