Valdo is undoubtedly one of Mzansi’s coolest kids. He is securing the bag at quite a young age. At only eight years of age, he already has his hands in several parts of the entertainment industry. Valdo seems to have added an actor to the list of all the stuff he is working on as Valdo joins The Wife cast.

Dudu Busani Dube, the famous author of the Hlomu book series, has been engaging with the cast as her books are brought to life through the Showmax series, The Wife.

According to her, the whole team is one big happy family. The behind the scenes crew is as important as the actors we see on-screen. On her Instagram, she posted a picture with the leading actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela, herself and Valdo. in her caption, she said that Valdo worked hard until he got tired and wanted to watch cartoons.

This news was received with joy from the eight-year old’s fans. It looks like the young musician and social media influencer is joining the versatile cast of The Wife.

Fans of the show who have read the book series said that they hoped he would play the role of the ever-inquisitive Lwandle. Some could not help but point out that Mbalenhle has some facial features similar to Valdo.

More on Valdo’s career as a singer and influencer

Born Vivaldo Sithole in 2013 to Lindo Sithole, a musician popularly known as Lindough, the eight-year-old is one of the most famous kids in South Africa. From the time he was born, his father started sharing pictures of him all over social media. After his father posted a video of them performing together, he earned instant fame. People worldwide reached out to Lindo, applauding him for encouraging them to be better fathers.

Valdo has, however, made his way in the industry doing his own thing too. He released a song called Ntwana Ntwana, making him the youngest artist in Mzansi. With the following that he has earned on Instagram of 174k followers, he landed gigs as a brand ambassador. Valdo has paid partnerships with Game stores, Edgars stores, Bathu sneakers and Iwisa instant porridge.