South African Celebrity couples

The wine industry has been known to rack in a lot of money for people who choose to invest in it. Most celebrities prefer to be part of the industry at the last stage of the winemaking process.

However, there are some famous people who invest in the alcohol industry at the beginning of the process by owning vineyards. Here is a list of Mzansi celebrity couples who own vineyards.

Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones

Minnie Dlamini is a Television presenter ‘ actress, and model best known for her unique voice. The entertainer rose to fame when she landed a gig presenting Live Amp in 2010. In 2017 Quinton Jones got married to Minnie Dlamini in a publicised wedding that was aired on Television.

These two are perfect couple goals in every sense of the word as they not only look good together. The two reality Television personalities are good at hustling together as well. Before their star-studded wedding, they already owned a production jointly that was going to cover their wedding. After they got married, they purchased their two vineyards.

Mzansi Celebrity couples with vineyards

Tee Xaba and her fiance

The former Uzalo actress may flaunt that she is in a relationship all over her Instagram, but she has been relatively tight-lipped about his name and what he does for a living. However, through the grapevine and Tee Xaba’s Instagram post, one thing is clear-her fiance is loaded.

Tee Xaba posted a picture of herself together with her man all loved up at a vineyard. The caption on the Instagram post read couples with vineyards. These two might be a young couple not yet settled or married, but they sure know where they are headed when it comes to investing in the right businesses.

The two might have just recently engaged a few days ago, but they were already chasing the dough together.