Tee Xaba

Uzalo is one of the most-watched drama series in South Africa. The soapie addresses many issues that affect South Africans using storylines that keep viewers hooked. The talent-filled cast of the show does not disappoint when it comes to delivering outstanding performances.

The actress who took on the role of Sphilile in the show became a household name due to her performance on the show, and people became invested in her personal life. Tee Xaba’s age shocks Mzansi as they find out she is younger than she looks.

Tee Xaba took on the character of Sphilile on Uzalo in 2019. Her character was introduced when Gabisile wanted her son hitched to a girl of her choice. She then personally went on a quest to find a woman she wanted to settle down with her son, Sbonelo.

In her quest, Gabisile found Sphilile, and she was her choice because she was soft-spoken and came from a reputable family. She thought she had found the perfect match for her doctor of a son. They did get married to the joy of Gabisile, but it did not last because Sbonelo’s heart was with another woman, Nonka. They separated, and he followed his heart and pursued the woman he truly desired.

Tee Xaba is younger than she looks

After exiting from Uzalo, Tee Xaba continued her side hustles as a content creator and influencer on social media. She is also a radio host at the East Coast Radio station and was a nominee at the Liberty Radio Awards.

She is a singer who won the hearts of South Africans when she competed at Idols SA’s 13th season. Besides all that, she is also known to be a great cook as she was on the second season of My Kitchen Rules SA.

Due to her role in Uzalo, many fans have pegged Tee Xaba to be older. Her character portrayed a woman in her mid-twenties that some of the soapie’s viewers think she is currently in her late twenties. However, Tee Xaba is only twenty-three, and she celebrated her birthday earlier this year. The recently engaged actress is younger in real life than the character she played.