On yesterday’s episode of Uzalo

Sbu must deliver a hit before tomorrow; otherwise, he might as well bid farewell to the fame. He hasn’t been handling it very well anyways. He has already lost Hlelo and some friends and has taken a severe beating for acting like a child. Will he survive for even one more day? Mamlambo worked so hard to tip off the police about Khathide, and she is so affected by this she can even connect to her ancestors. Khathide is not letting go so quickly. Mondli has opened the gates of the law, and they are keeping out to Khathide. Anyways like I said yesterday, I went through the grapevine that someone from the past might save Khathide. A handsome blast.

On today’s episode, Friday, 31st December 2021 – Episode 215

Nkunzi and Gabisile. What gives? What is the deal between Nkunzembomvu and Gabisile? Are they a couple? Or are they roommates? They live with their son Sboniso, but it’s very unclear what the nature of their relationship is. I guess that’s why he is elusive to her. She may be too late in trying her luck with him.

It’s over for Sbu

Sbu might have lost his dream already, and it’s not even a week yet. All that glitters is not gold, I guess. I must admit I feel bad for him, though. He was tasting the good life and overdid it. Oh well, I think it’s back to Cool Kruger again. At least he has somewhere to fall back on.

Things aren’t what they should be for Mamlambo

MaMlambos plan might seriously backfire on her, and she may watch her life torn down by Khathides Shenanigans. How bad can things get for her seriously? Let’s hope 2022 brings a new day for her because 2021 ended in tears. Maybe MaMlambos water is working. I mean, Khathide seems to snake his way out from the jaws of the law. It’s worth considering that her prayers are working. Anyways there is more to this theory because, like I said yesterday, a handsome knight might rescue him as well.