Shauwn Mkhize
Shauwn Mkhize

Millionaire businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize’s flamboyance looks effortless, and she makes her fans believe she makes money easily. Her current resemblance is far from how she looked when she started her career. Like many business people, she also started as an employee trying to establish herself.

In an Interview with Loot Love on Music Special, she revealed she did not enjoy counting other people’s money and that drove her to want to count her own.

Her mother, Florence Mkhize was an ANC veteran and was involved in politics. MamMkhize, as she is known by her followers, reportedly benefits from contracts from Thekwini Municipality, currently controlled by the ANC.

However, Shauwn argues she is self-made and did not enjoy benefits from her mother’s involvement in politics. Growing up, her biggest wish was to become a lawyer, and that would have honestly suited, considering her personality: bold and energetic, and always stands up for what she believes in.

Shauwn’s mother did not allow her to pursue her dreams as a lawyer but instead, pushed her to become an accountant. Like a typical black child, she obeyed and obtained the degree.

She worked as an Accountant for years whilst being married to Sbu Mpisane who is his son Andile’s father. Shauwn quit her job as an Accountant a few years after having Andile as she wanted to provide a comfortable life for her son.

She won a few construction tenders and made her first million. Her business rapidly grew as she was awarded more tenders affording her to invest in real estate. She also built a family mansion in La Lucia. She went on to buy a Royal Eagles football club but lost it to her husband Sbu Mpisane during their bitter divorce in 2019.

Her persistence paid off as she bought another club and named it Royal AM, after her son. Her club is not competing in the Premier Soccer League after she bought the PSL status of Bloemfontein Celtic.

She boasts a car collection including Bentleys, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Mercedes Benz, Maybachs and BMWs.