Harriet Manamela
Harriet Manamela

These are some pretty exciting news for Skeem Sam’s views. Today, Skeem Sam’s publicists Sumaya Mogolola revealed that the character Meiki Maputla played by Harriet Manamela, would still be on our screens and urged viewers to stay tuned to see what will happen next.

Meiki Maputla sentencing

On the 3rd of December, the character Meiki Maputla was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the charges of grevious body harm and the public use of an unlicensed firearm after she shot her neighbour and best friend MaNtuli and her newly revealed stepson Zamokuhle Seakamela outside the hospital where Zamokuhle’s paternity was revealed to be that of Meiki’s husband John Maputla. When she was sentenced, viewers were certain she was leaving the show for good because 15 years is a very long time.

Sadness over Meiki leaving the show

Fans of the show were concerned about the character leaving and many expressed their sadness because although Meiki is quite a deceptive character, they grew find of her since the show started on the 13th of October in 2011. On Harriet’s social media, the actress mentioned not a single word of leaving the show.

Clues that Meiki wasn’t leaving Skeem Sam

On the day of the sentencing Meiki Maputla was calm, calmer than usual which was a tad suspicious because of her previous erratic behavior from the most recent episodes. Also, when the character was moved to leave the courtroom to enter custody, she blew kisses at her victims, which was quite alarming. Could a storm be brewing under the calm?

Other characters that have been in jail

We remember a time where the Skeem Sam’s character Nompumelelo (Lelo) Mthiyane was sentenced to prison, we were shown the character in jail making friends, rivals, tricking people and nursing her pregnancy inside the stalls. We’ve also seen Meiki Maputla’s former grandson-in-law Noah which is played by Austin Molapo entering prison and serving his sentence in the show.

What’s next?

The character played by Harriet Manamela is one complex one; she’s one of those villains we all love to hate. Viewers will now be glued to the screens to see what will transpire next. Will she escape prison? Will she get out on medical parole? Will she get her revenge on MaNtuli? The possibilities are endless.