Cosmo on Generations The Legacy

The actor Ronnie Nyakale currently plays the role of Cosmo Diale on Generations The Legacy on SABC 1. Cosmo Diale has dabbled in various crimes for himself and multiple bosses; the character has assaulted people, hidden dead bodies, sold drugs and trafficked a character on a container to China. All of his roles are that of criminals. Could he be good at emulating criminals because he’s a criminal in real life?

Ronnie has won numerous awards. Born and bred in Soweto, the actor has acted on several South African soapies and movies. On Yizo Yizo, he played the character of Papa Action; on Rhythm City, Ronnie played a gangster and loanshark called Ding Dong. He has also made an appearance in the famous international movie Blood Diamond.

Ronnie was an accomplice when Jub Jub’s mother, Jacqueline Maarohanye, was arrested for kidnapping and child trafficking.

Maarohanye’s old crimes have resurfaced after her son’s alleged old crimes also came to light. jub Jub is being accused of raping media personality Amanda Du Pont, ex-girlfriend  Masechaba Khumalo and cousin Bonukuhle Mtsweni.

The three alleged victims are pressing rape charges against the hip hop artist. South Africa remembers Mama Jackie, as she is popularly known, who was charged for the kidnapping and assault a minor. She was also accused of selling an infant for the sum of R12000.

When Mama Jackie was charged with assaulting a learner from Ithuteng Trust called Simphiwe Ngcuthu, Ronnie was arrested. The actor’s bail was only R2000, and on the day of the trial, Ronnie’s docket was miraculously sent to a different court, and that’s how he got away with just a warning.

When Mama Jackie’s crimes resurfaced, former Ithuteng Trust pupils spoke about the abuse they faced at the hands of these two adults, and many felt that their punishments by the law were too lenient.

Assault on its own is a serious crime, but one has to be twisted to assault a child. Also, many former Ithuteng Trust pupils had a lot to say about Mama Jackie and Ronnie, but only Simphiwe’s case went to court. Could they have done more for the children?