Faith Nketsi 
Faith Nketsi 

Faith Nketsi has the plug and the bling too. The social media influencer is undoubtedly one of the hottest women in South Africa.

That comes with a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Many would do unthinkable things to be the man in her life. The fame has found Faith Nketsi exposed for cheating on the boyfriend who bought her a Range Rover.

In the first season of her reality show, Have Faith, The queen of Twerk confessed to cheating on her ex-boyfriend. She gave the reason that she was bored of the relationship and him. The guy’s name was Thami. Recently Faith has been posting videos of her with the man in her life in her TikTok account. Fans knew that she had someone in her life.

When Faith conducted a Question and Answer session on her Instagram stories, fans got to ask the reality TV star some personal questions yesterday. One fan asked when they would see a picture of her man. Faith answered that she did not have one. This was in contrast to her TikTok posts and some Instagram stories before where she gives subtle clues that she has a man who spoils her rotten. On her Q&A session, she announced that she was partying at Sumo later that night.

Faith Nketsi cheats on her boyfriend who bought her a Range Rover

Later that night at the club, she was spotted a white man cheating on her boyfriend. The person who spotted her texted a friend, telling them how Faith was getting cosy with the guy who happened to be the unknown spotter’s friend. The texts were leaked and have gone viral on social media.

Mzansi has been left with divided opinions on the matter. Some are rebuking her for cheating on her boyfriend. Others are shocked why people are mentioning that the boyfriend bought her a Range Rover. Tweeps have concluded that no matter how much one spends on his woman, she will cheat if she meets someone better.

In the wake of all this going viral, Faith posted a video on her story showing off a Cadbury bar of chocolate. It’s the PS. I love you, kind. The influencer then captioned the post ‘I can’t stay mad at him’. Fans can only assume that it’s a guy in her life.