Vusi Majola
Vusi Majola

There is no other way to end a year than with a big extravaganza, and the Zwides did not disappoint. Last week on House of Zwide, the week ended with a Christmas party thrown at the Zwide mansion. 

Funani Zwide invited the who is whos of the fashion industry, and even his interns and workers were there. Vusi Majola joins House of Zwide as a nosy journalist at Funani’s party.

Vusi Majola is well known in the entertainment industry as a choreographer, and some people know him as Somizi’s assistant choreographer. The dancer likes to call himself the famous boy you know nothing about, and most parts of his life are private except his work and his craft.

Vusi landed his first role on Television in the former etv drama series Rhythm City as Ruby Rent Boy. His character was that of a gay tenant when Suffocate and Khulekani were at loggerheads. Ruby found himself having an affair with Khulekani, a married man with children. Apart from being a family man, Khulekani had a fall out with Suffocate, a man who was out to destroy him.

Gay rights activist Vusi Majola joins House of Zwide

Ruby got tired of Khulekani treating him like garbage when he pleased and even throwing him out of his hotel room, and in a drunken haze, he almost spilt Khulekani’s secrets to his biggest enemy. When talking about his role on Rhythm City, Vusi Majola said that it was exciting for him because he got to show pieces of his true self which is a hyperactive gay character, to the world.

Last Friday, Vusi made his debut appearance on House of Zwide, playing a nosy journalist. Shoki walks in on Nkosi and Mampho talking, she overhears that the two slept together, and she confronts Nkosi. Amid their heated argument, Vusi Majola’s character walks in.

He overhears the confrontation and keeps trying to interrupt their conversation, to which they both keep telling him to shut up. Vusi took to his Instagram to announce his debut on House of Zwide and how excited he was about it.