Zintle Ncipa
Zintle Ncipa

Durban Gen has become one of the most enjoyed TV soapies in South Africa. Recently the soapie has been opening doors to several actors and actresses. The soapie is always introducing new faces on the show constantly.

One of these faces is the actress playing Lindiwe on the show. Despite being new to our television screens, her business empire is already growing. Let’s take a look at the business empire of Zintle Ncipa.

Zintle Ncipa grew up in Port Elizabeth, where she lived until high school. After school, she moved to Pretoria, where she realized what she wanted to do in life. Growing up, she wanted to be an accountant but discovered her creative side.

The first role she landed on Television was by coincidence. She accompanied a friend to an audition, and she helped her with the script but ended up being picked for the role. That’s why she moved to Pretoria to attend drama school for a year. Her role as Lindiwe on Durban Gen is her first most significant role on TV.

Get to know Lindiwe from Gurban Gen

Zintle applied to study in the US and went on to study and live there for three and a half years. She is a holder of a degree in Biblical Studies or as some people may call it, Theology. While she was interning at a company in Texas, some colleagues helped her realize her gift in motivational speaking and urged her to pursue it. She started her career in speaking, which moved her to start a blog and a Youtube channel where she shares encouragement and motivational speeches with her followers.

Besides being having all of this going on, Zintle Ncipa is also an author. She published her first book called On Stilettos: The keys and principles to unlocking your greatness in 2016. She followed it up with another one in 2019, which is called While I wait, I am preparing to win. Most of her income as an entertainer comes from her writing and speaking jobs. She also does some bit of language training.