Nurse Sne
Nurse Sne

It’s common knowledge that Nurse Sne has always had a thing for doctors. If she could not get that, she didn’t mind settling for a rich man. Sne does not hide that she is chasing clout and social influence. It looks like things have taken a turn for good for our slay nurse. Nurse Sne finally dates the man of her dreams in Dr Zulu.

Durban Gen’s official Instagram page posted a teaser for today’s episode, a video of Sne and Dr Lindelani Zulu smooching. The smiles all over Sne’s face were a genuine show that cupid’s arrow had struck her.

The two are kissing and giggling in Dr Zulu’s office. Their relationship seems to be a secret as they try not to be caught by any of the hospital staff.

Sne has had no luck in love as she could not seem to land the man she wanted. She always specified that she wanted to date doctors or rich men. From the get-go, the hospital’s paramedic, Sipho Ntuli, best known as MacGyver, has made his intentions clear that he wanted to date Sne.

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However, she point-blank told him that he was not her type and she was into guys who earned more than her. Through MacGyver, she dated a rich musician, which ended in tears. When she gave up on finding the men she wanted, she tried her luck on MacGyver and ended up being friend-zoned.

Nurse Sne is dating Dr Lindelani Zulu

Dr Lindelani Zulu, though looking like a man who can get any woman he wants, has wanted one woman, the intern Mbali Mthetwa. Mbali was engaged to Sibusiso when she started interning at Durban Gen. She had an affair with Dr Zulu that almost led to a secret wedding, but she collapsed at the venue.

Sbusiso ended up marrying her even though her heart was with the doctor. Due to a betrayal. Mbali’s husband was shot and killed, leaving her widowed and angry. She disregarded the will of the deceased to be with Dr Zulu again. A curse fell on them, leading Mbali back to Sibusiso’s family to try and be cleansed. She ended up marrying Thabo in a bid to get her ceremony breaking Zulu’s heart all over again.

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These hearts that are so unlucky in love have found their way to each other. Viewers of the show are shocked because this is a plot twist that no one saw coming. Sne may have had a crush on the doctor, but she never acted on it. Zulu had never shown interest in Sne. Could this be just a rebound, or is it real love? We will all have to watch and find out.


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