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Coming Next on Uzalo: Red is the colour of fear in KwaMashu

Mamlambo is so desperate to undo the hooks of hell that Khathide has used on her, she goes as far as contemplating violating the law to make it happen. Like killing someone, MaMlambo turns to old lover Nkunzi for help. She pleaded with Nkunzi to kill Khathide; unfortunately, Gabisile overhead their conversation. Khathide has turned into a venomous snake, and MaMlambo is on the receiving end of it.

Nonka has launched for sure; after she did the ceremony to appease her ancestors and reconnected with MaDongwe and Lilly, she has found her power. She uses it immediately by fighting to get her spot on the big tables.

Sbu gets his first feel on the good life, he’s been craving it, and it’s happening.

So what’s next?

Khathide‘s reign of terror continues to unleash on MaMlambo; things are getting so far out of hand now that his partner in crime has been talking to the police. He continues to threaten this poor woman, and no amount of convincing can change his mind.

Mrs Ngema is launching a severe sos for her son, who has gotten involved with hungry wolves and selling the red pill in the area of KwaMashu. He came across a loose canon in Khathide and locked himself in a complicated place. Maybe his mother could help him see salvation?

Sbu has proven to be as talented as he said and now reaping the rewards; however, knowing Sbu, it doesn’t take long for him to overdo it.

His new girlfriend Hlelo is not feeling the newfound fame and attention he is receiving from young, obsessed fans who will go anywhere and do anything for his attention.

What will Screwdriver do after dumping his stable mechanic job to become Sbu’s bodyguard? This whole fame and celebrity hype blow up in Sbu’s face at this rate. Let’s hope he goes back to reasoning using his brain so that he can explore some more of his incredible talent.

Coming next on Uzalo

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