Umkhokha’s Spha and Busi

Umkhokha is a South African hit series that has undoubtedly been topping charts and captured everyone’s hearts! The way the show is so loved and appreciated by South Africans before it even plays, it’s already trending.

A Sunday has now been transformed for Mzansi as Twitter refers to it as “Umkhokha Sunday”. Watch as Spha and Busi from Umkhokha do the Titanic challenge.

It is one of the best storylines this country has ever witnessed. The story is faith-based, and it deals with a woman named Mam’Zobe who would do anything to obtain power in her church.The church is called Ithempeli Lenkosi.

Mam’Zobe steals Mzansi’s hearts.

One of the reasons why Mam’Zobe is so obsessed with obtaining lots of power in Ithempeli Lenkosi is because the church makes a lot of money. The prominent members of the world church all live in double-storey mansions because the church built these houses for them; Mam’Zobe is also included in the people who were built beautiful homes and got a lot of money from the church. The main issue with her is that she is greedy, and nothing is ever enough for her.

She will do anything to be the most powerful, even if it means killing. The lady is so caught up in her power chase; she does not care about who gets hurt in the way, including her own family. It is pretty insane. But in real life, she is nothing like this. Her real name is Deli Malinga, and she is just excited about her first lead role. She is a sweetheart and an absolute goddess.

Umkhokha’s Spha and Busi do the ‘Titanic challenge.’

Other characters that Mzansi seems to have fallen in love with are Siphamandla and Busisiwe. Siphamandla is a character that the talented Nay Maps play. We were introduced to Nay Maps on Uzalo, where he played the character of a golden boy who is a gangster, Mxolisi. Ever since then, Nay Maps has certainly evolved since then.

He has been on Netflix, DSTV, Mnet; you name it! Hope Mbhele, on the other hand, who plays the character of Busisiwe, is a newbie to this field; this is her first professional acting role. The two are lovers in the show but are forced to marry, gradually fall in love. Watch their #Titanic Challenge!