Somizi Mhlongo took a safari tour to get some fresh air, and the pictures he shared showed that it was a five-star experience. The TV personality took some time off seeking fresh air and went to Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve.

The Idols SA judge is used to going out on holidays. He was in Western Cape 3 months ago on the coasts.  Dressed in Gucci, Somizi had a great time in the safari.

Mhlongo shared the first picture of the tour in a joking manner, saying, “Breaking News: Somizi got eaten by lions whilst peeing”. He posed for the images after having arrived at the game reserve. He was outside his car and climbing on top of a signpost structure. Somizi seemed to be enjoying his arrival, and a view from the top must have given him a moment to remember.

Somozi went to a Safari tour in Gucci style
Somizi went to a Safari tour in Gucci style – Image Credit:

Somizi’s bravery

This was a moment that shocked Mzansi. Many fans were amazed by Somizi’s bravery. How could he be that close to a lion? He reacted with a caption to the video saying, “The moment when my soul left my body for two seconds.”

Watch the video of Somizi getting so close to a lion on tour

His class became a central point for his fans as they noticed how the dressing was all Gucci. He wore high cut Safari boots, a brown wool hat, a Gucci bag and a tracksuit.

Despite being the departure day, Somizi’s last day on tour came with great moments as he gets to watch the Elephants drinking water from a point. The sight couldn’t go unnoticed by Somizi as he captioned a video saying, “How adorable?”

Looking into the pictures, this was the best day for the famous TV personality as he found some time in the water. Later in the day, he enjoyed the day with some expensive wine. Again Somizi dressed in Gucci from head to toe.

Somizi enjoys some fresh air in the pool
Somizi enjoys some fresh air in the pool wearing Gucci on tour- Image Credit:

Before he left, he had time to acknowledge the service and the great time at Leopard Hills. Somizi said that he had already made friends when he was there.

He went live as he was about to leave, sending a message to his American friend. He spoke about how people live with the Big Five in their yards in Africa.

Below are more videos and pictures of Somizi’s the tour