Bonko Khoza
Bonko Khoza

Despite being in the entertainment industry for some time, Bonko Khoza’s fame was significantly increased when he landed the role of Mqhele on Showmax’s The Wife. Apart from being an actor, the talented young man is also a very gifted voice over artist. Here are all the times Bonko Khoza ‘Mqhele’ from The Wife has impressed Mzansi with his voice only.

Bonko Cosmo Khoza’s early life was spent south of Johannesburg. His passion for acting started when he was only a kid and was featured in his primary school play as Captain hook.

He enrolled at the National School of Art in high school and enrolled in 2009. For college, he registered at The Market Theatre Laboratory for a Performance and Theatre Skills Course and spent two years studying for that.

He has landed several roles on TV and film, including his character as Jabz in the cult film Necktie. Since then, he has appeared on History Channel’s mini-series called Roots and took on a lead role in American director Eric Welsh’s film Beautifully Broken. Bonko enjoys writing and reading in his free time and aspires to be a director later in his career.

Bonko Khoza’s impressive career as a voice-over artist

The Wife actor has a fantastic voice that can change when he feels like it. He can change his voice and even names the different voices he can speak, for example, his coconut voice.

This has led him to have a CV pregnant with voice over gigs. Bonko has worked with DSTV, Dichem pharmacies, Vodacom, and Nedbank. If his acting career ever flops, this talented artist can have a sustainable career as a voice-over artist.

Currently, Bonko Khoza’s acting career is thriving as he takes on the role of Mqhele, who is the 2nd born of eight brothers in the taxi business and running criminal activities on the side. He falls in love with a journalist, and their love story proves that if you marry a man, you marry all his demons and secrets.