Candice Modiselle

Candice Modiselle has shown that she is talented in entertainment and business. The entertainer has also demonstrated her humbleness and zeal to help other creatives rise in the industry. She is constantly sharing tips on her platform on how her fans can make it as she did. Candice Modiselle starts a Youtube platform focused on helping young talent find their foot in the industry.

Candice has taken to her Instagram page to announce that together with the help of two friends, she will be starting a Youtube channel called The Five Minute Call. The platform is focused on engaging with an audience while answering questions regarding the entertainment industry. The channel will help those who wish to have a career in the spotlight to realise their dreams with guardianship.

In her post, she stated in the caption that she wishes to use the platform to answer questions she frequently gets. Those questions include how one can become an actor and presenter and know which agent is best for someone. She goes on to thank all the people who helped make this idea a reality. These people include functionxyz, Ikanyeng Rammutla and King Dire.

Candice Modiselle’s entertainment career as actress and presenter

The youngest Modiselle sister has been mentioning starting a Youtube as one of her New Year resolutions. She has realised that goal this early into the year, and the channel kicks off on the 3rd of February. The young actress’ fans and followers have shown how grateful they are and can not wait for the episodes to start airing.

Candice had always wanted to be in the entertainment industry like her two older sisters. She then started presenting and grew her brand into an actress who has been featured in shows like Generations-The Legacy and The Queen, to mention a few. Like her older sister Bontle, she is also a great dancer and has hosted dance shows. Candice also has a jewellery business that has already crossed the borders of South Africa into Botswana and Eswatini and with a vision of growing into other countries. It only makes sense that people want to hear it from this celebrity who has done it all.