DJ Shimza is under fire from his followers and social media users for attempting to call back his helper to come and wash his socks.

Shimza took to Twitter and tweeted, “My helper needs to come back now. I’m completely out of socks. Ke setse tsa ko bounce (I’m left with one pair of socks from bounce), and I’m tempted to wear them.” Tweeps had mixed emotions over this particular tweet. Making a helper wash your underwear and socks seems disrespectful to many people, while others think it’s completely fine because the underwear forms part of the laundry.

In South Africa, across all cultures, children are taught to wash their underwear. Since most helpers in South Africa are black women, they’re heavily protected by black people, as many South Africa grew up with helpers as their mothers.

Fans called him out of order

A large number of people blasted Shimza for saying this. Reasons being; he’s a grown man fully capable of washing his socks, owns a washing machine in his home, and makes a helper wash your underwear seem unethical to many people. They also said he was publicly embarrassing the woman.

Shimza defended himself

Shimza did not take the blasts in silence, and he expressed how retarded people sounded when blasting him. ‘The woman would not feel embarrassed as this is her job,’ he said. He stated that he does not wash his laundry, and underwear is part of his laundry.

Shimza also said it wasn’t that big deal, and people were demonizing his stance too much. He jokingly said he’d much instead buy new socks than wash a pair of socks.

Followers that came in his defence

Some followers expressed that they also allow their helpers to wash their socks, and there’s nothing wrong to say about this. Some followers noted that now that their helpers are on leave, they wash their underwear until the return of the helpers.

Sizwe Dlomo and Musi Maimane had this to say

Musi Maimane and Shimza are two men who do not get along. Musi retweeted Shimza and said, “You’re a grown man.” Sizwe Dhlomo went to his Twitter and said, “Y’all don’t wash your socks? Lona la hlanya (you guys are crazy)