Lindiwe and Nhlamulo’s marriage
Lindiwe and Nhlamulo’s marriage

Scandal’s Lindiwe caught her husband Nhlamulo in the sheets with his baby mama Vuvu, naked and giggling on their matrimonial bed. A fight broke out between the married couple after Nhlamulo disapproved of the business trip Lindiwe wanted to take with her boss Mdala to Cape Town, but Lindiwe rebelled, packed her clothes and went to the door.

When she was at the door, Nhlamulo gave her an ultimatum of sorts, and he said, “If you leave right now, then it means you don’t love me.” Lindiwe froze with disappointment and had tears in her eyes.

Both Lindiwe and Nhlamulo were upset as Lindiwe left, but she decided to go back home before flying off with Mdala. That’s when she found Nhlamulo and his baby mama in bed.

Mdala’s plan

Mdala plans to make Nhlamulo work for him eternally in his illegal credit card scamming dealings. Nhlamulo is a changed man because of Lindiwe’s influence over him. To win Nhlamulo back in his criminal team, he has to separate him from Lindiwe. After one dinner meeting with Lindiwe, Mdala gathered that Lindiwe is quite an ambitious lady, and as they say, everyone has a price.

Lindiwe Ngema and Nhlamulo Maseko on Scandal! : Image Source (Instagram)

Mdala’s plan execution

Initially, Mdala offered Nhlamulo’s wife a job, which tempted her, but she declined as Nhlamulo made her a better job offer. Mdala didn’t back down and offered Lindiwe the same position, with office space for her husband’s company, but she declined because of Nhlamulo.

Her price was higher; she only agreed to work for Mdala when he offered her the managerial position and shares to his club.

New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, Mdala made sure Lindiwe wouldn’t spend the night with Nhlamulo. He stole a kiss from her and made sure one of his errand boys showed Nhlamulo a picture of the kiss days later. Now that Nhlamulo knows his wife has kissed Mdala twice and Lindiwe has caught her husband with his baby mama in bed, the trust in this marriage will crumble, and more drama will unfold.