Zama Magubane
Zama Magubane

Actress Zama Magubane nee Ngcobo plays the role of MaDongwe on SABC 1 hit soap opera Uzalo. The MaDongwe character is a devoted Christian and sits on the board of KwaMashu Kingdom Church KCC.

She stays with her daughter Lily, nephew Njeza and niece Nonka. MaDongwe befriends MaMadlala, and they are known as Gossip Mongers of KwaMashu.

Over the Uzalo storyline, MaDongwe previously engaged and later separated from Mbatha, a hot-headed manipulative leader in KKC. During their engagement, MaDongwe borrowed money from a loan shark, MaThabethe ‘Pamla Khazi’ and bought herself an engagement ring, a debt which haunted her for the rest of her life. After marriage plans fell through, MaDongwe was left to bear the debt burden alone.

The MaThabete debacle led to the accidental stabbing of Nonka while the loan shark was collecting her dues. When Nonka returned from the hospital, she evicted MaDongwe and Lily from her parent’s house; the desperate pair seek refuge in Pastor Gwala’s house and competition for his attention sets in.

MaDongwe salary on Uzalo

Born in Madadeni, Newcastle, Zama Magubane grew up in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal; she started acting early and participated in primary and high school plays. She attained a Drama and Performing Arts degree at Durban University of Technology (DUT). Zama joined Uzalo as a church extra and worked her way up to secure the leading role; initially paid R16 000 for her MaDongwe role, she recently signed an improved contract of R 21 000 per month.

What’s next for MaDongwe on Uzalo

Having been legally evicted from the Xulu house by Nonka, MaDongwe and Lily seek refuge in Pastor Gwala’s place, and tension is already brewing between the two visitors.

Is MaDongwe’s dream to become MaMfundisi already in motion? Will she grab the opportunity and prove herself to the single pastor? Will Lily stand in MaDongwe’s way? Having already shown interest and made moves towards the bachelor, Lily sets to upset MaDongwe’s plan.