Kwenzo Ngcobo
Kwenzo Ngcobo

Actor Kwenzo Ngcobo plays the role of Qhawe (Zulu brother)  in the Showmax drama series The Wife revealed why he missed on playing the lead role of Mqhele and ended up playing his young brother Qhawe.

Showmax drama series The Wife is inspired by the award-winning and best-selling book Hlomu –The Wife written by Dudu Busani-Dube. In The Wife, Qhawe struggles to come to terms that despite first seeing and falling in love with Hlomu, an award-winning journalist, his brother Mqhele made the first move and dated her. Immediate arrival of Hlomu in the Zulu household where the Zulu brothers lived as one big family stirred controversy and enmity amongst Mqhele and his younger brother Qhawe.

Mqhele intentionally rubs his affection to Hlomu in his younger brother’s face, which triggers anger and emotions in Qhawe, who believes he is a better lover than his older sibling, who destroys whatever he touches.

Why did Kwenzo Ngcobo end up playing Qhawe instead of Mqhele role

Kwenzo revealed that the Qhawe role wasn’t in his plans; he auditioned for the Mqhele role but failed to secure the position because he didn’t know and read Hlomu –The Wife book series.

“During auditions, I wanted the Mqhele role because I didn’t read the Hlomu book series. I wasn’t aware of how the characters have to be; thus, I failed to go the extra mile to secure the role. I am not a reader by nature; that’s why I never developed an interest in reading novels. I am happy to have secured a role on such a talented cast and exciting story, Bonko Khoza is the best character for the role, and he clearly understood the mission; he is one of my favourites on the show.”

Speaking of his similarities with Qhawe, Kwenzo says, “Qhawe is a very chilled brother of few words; he doesn’t tolerate nonsense and disrespect but is protective of his family and loved ones. The only difference between Qhawe and Kwenzo is he uses violence to settle disputes and when provoked.

Is Qhawe going to fight for Hlomu?

Mqhele is not the man he purports to be, and he showed his true colours after physically beating Hlomu in the previous episode. After exchanging blows with his brother in Hlomu’s presence, Qhawe has an uphill task to prove that he is the better man.