Naledi Willers
Naledi Willers

Naledi Willers is popularly known as one of the reality TV stars of Real Housewives of Johannesburg in its first season. The entertainer also doubled up as a model, actress and qualified lawyer. Today social media has been flooding with condolences after it was announced that Naledi Willers has died.

The Botswana born star took to social media last November to share the news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In a lengthy post, she said that the day that she wrote her final examination at law school was when she received a call from the doctor with the results of her tests. Naledi went through radiotherapy, and after some months of the treatment, she was said to be cancer-free.

The reality TV star shared emotional posts of her journey with cancer. After her treatment, she would talk about her experience freely. She would try to give other people hope that cancer is not a death sentence. She called herself a breast cancer survivor. In June, she shared an image where she asked people to give her flowers while she was still alive.

Naledi Willers has died due to breast cancer

Naledi seemed to have been battling cancer again, which she has unfortunately lost her life to. Her friend Ndo Mohelo took to Instagram to pay an emotional tribute. In his post, he recalled the last he saw her. She made fun of his suit, calling it a ZCC suit because of its colour. He went on to say that she was now at peace and the pain she endured was over.

Naledi was married to Naked DJ in 2017, but two years later, she announced their split and asked the public to respect her privacy regarding the details of their separation. Messages of condolences have been pouring out to her mother. Many of her fans feel for the parent who now has to bury her child.