Sonia Mbele disclosed that finally, Lesile Sedibe left her to stop the series, and that’s the way Ntombi abandoned Generations, and it turned out to be a significant blow to the lovers.

The actress showed that her mum had to point an engagement to rescue her from Lesile Sedibe, whom she said was commanding.

Former Generations celebrity Sonia Mbele has disclosed her ex-husband, Lesile Sedibe, left her to stop the series because he did not enjoy the role she played with her.

Sonia Mbele played the function of Ntombi, which had been wed into the sly Sibusiso Dlomo played by veteran performer Menzi Ngubane.

Sonia Mbele hasn’t been shy to discuss her union and the messy divorce that followed subsequently.

The celebrity once confessed she cried when she had been served with the divorce documents. “I suffered from anxiety attacks and stress breakdowns. I worried about how to transition out of the life that I lived into a brand new one, at which I was now alone. I was fearful,”

Sonia Mbele was also chased by the media following her divorce, with several suggesting that she wed Lesile Sedibe for the cost, while others wrote she had been broke and fighting following the divorce.

She said she intended suicide at some stage, but the notion of her kids made her powerful.

The celebrity has hut that epidermis, and it appears she’s got a mojo back today.